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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let's Talk Boobs!

Whew I bet I got a lot of traffic to the site with the topic name combined with the site name “Stretch Naked.” Fellas? Are you here because you thought this was a “naughty” site? Well, turn around now. I’m talking about something entirely different.

Here goes…

We women, we jiggle. Boobs, butts, thighs, arms…jiggle, jiggle.

But ick, who wants that? Certainly not me. I really think that aside from the whole endorphin-thing, health thing and being thin thing I exercise mainly to reduce jiggle.

And the one area that I cannot stand even a little jiggle when I exercise is ummm…”the girls.” Ok, I’ll say it. I hate when my boobs bounce around.

Pre-Baby E I was just fine with the built-in shelf bras in workout tops. I used to even wear tying bikini tops to exercise. Oh those days of a flat chest and flat tummy are over. And now I’m left wearing 2 sports bras AND a super tight workout top.

I never understood when my well-endowed friends would complain about their bust and exercise. I was like whatever, rub it in that you got some and I don’t.

But now I get it.

No, I’m not big, but I was when I was nursing 8+ times a day (and when I was preggo). And the skin gets less elastic. Damn gravity, too. So my pretty small boobs now bounce. So what do I do? Get a boob job of course!

Wait, no. Get a more supportive sports bra. At least that is the less expensive option.

A sweet friend of mine suggested “Best Sports Bras” as a topic almost a year ago and I didn’t totally get the need until now. I mean aren’t all sports bras about the same?

Ummm…heck no.

Why a good bra?
First of all, studies show that between 70% and 80% of women are wearing the wrong size sports bra and therefore are not getting enough support. And what does this lack of support lead to? SAGGING – AHHHH! says “A woman's breasts are composed primarily of adipose (fatty) tissue, mammary glands, connective tissue, and the Cooper’s ligament, which keeps the breast firm and prevents sagging. Because the underlying chest muscles do not support breast tissue, exercising in anything other than a well-fitted sports bra can stretch the Cooper's ligament, leading to greater sagging and even pain during exercise.”

In my book there are some words that I never want associated with any part of my body – loose, flabby and saggy. Help how to I prevent the sag???

According to, “Finding the right sports bra is like finding the right pair of jeans...there's agony, there's triumph and then there are all the emotions in between. It takes some time to find the perfect bra for your size and activity, but [we’ve] put together top picks covering everything from running to yoga and women who are extra curvy and those who, um, aren't.”

Some of the best bras
Here is a list that I prepared just for you Naked Stretchers from various sites:, and

Moving Comfort Calli Sports Bra
Remember when I told you about my two-bra workouts? Well, this might be the bra for me. It’s made for women with cups sizes C-E. It offers maximum support and separation (hello so you have two inside of a uni).

There is a padded underwire and adjustable straps. And it has that sweat-wicking fabric so that your skin stays dry.

The cost is $37.56 - $59.90 on


Hallelujah Bra
I love a bra that is religious. And I bet when ladies put this on and it actually holds things together they actually utter the words! The bra expert at Title 9 Sports says the bra offers “cups that perfectly encapsulate your breast!" and "don't look like they start somewhere in the middle of your back." I say LOL!

This a bra for the busty, too – my C & D friends. It also wicks sweat away and can hold strong through high impact workouts.

$45 at


Speedo Underwire Sports Bra
They make great swimsuits and now bras! This one offers great support for the medium-sized bust. Larger busts might find that they can’t do super high impact workouts and feel confident. Although the comfort is supposed to be unmatched. Many pregnant women have found that this is a good one during those early months of pregnancy when your breasts are very tender.

The cost is $18.99 - really affordable. Snag yours at


Saucony Motion Sensor Bra
Oooh, motion sensor! How fun. Oh wait, I don’t think it actually has a sensor in it. But it does have breathable molded cups, a hook-and-eye closure for a custom fit, chafe resistant, flat-seam construction and a criss-cross back that is less constricting.

The criss-cross and hook-and-eye make it perfect for the medium-sized women who do moderate workouts.

Act now, they are on sale for $29.99 at

Optimal users: TWO HANDFULS

Nike Determination Sports Bra
Oooh, I’m determine to find a great bra and the Nike Determination might be it! It’s best for small-chested women (since it has slight molding). Although small busted women can use during high impact activities or fuller chested women during lower impact. It’s a sweat-wicker, too.

$14.99 at


Champion Racerback Sports Bra
Here’s a good one for high impact activities. It is seamless, so no chafing and wicks the sweat away. It’s comfortable for a variety of activities, but reviewers say that the outside still gets pretty sweaty since it is not made of the wicking material.

$17.99 at

Optimal users: TWO HANDFULS

Moving Comfort Womens' Grace Bra
This is a great one for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October). It was the first sports bra designed for women who’ve had breast cancer. It’s soft, lighweight and has a zip-front which makes it easy to remove. There is a lining with pockets so that women with prosthesis can insert it discreetly. My Mom is a breast cancer survivor (of 7 years), so I plan to recommend this to her.

While great for survivors, it is also a good one for small busted women.

$27.10 - $40.00 at


Moving Comfort Alexis Bra
Adjustable, comfortable, cute and flattering. There is a band around the chest to keep everything in its place, but without squeezing. No padding.

$32.95 - $34.00 at

Optimal users: SMALLISH BUSTS

Bra Buying Guide
And if you still need more help, Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a sports bra buying guide. Smart fellas there at Dick’s. Click here for the guide: Dick’s Sporting Goods Bra Buuying Guide

Caring for Your Bras
You know a secret? Bras don’t last that long. Seriously – a year tops (most closer to 6 months)! Since you generally wear it once and then wash you are lessening the shelf life. I’m certainly not encouraging not washing each wear, but the fibers can tend to get stretched out big time and then all your lovely support is washed away, literally.

In order to get maximum use out of your sports bra, try using mild detergents or a special sports detergent like Penguin Sport-Wash. This can of course get rid of odor, but also helps the bra to maintain the wicking properties.

And you should NEVER put the bra in the dryer since heat can break down the elastic. Who knew? also tells us how to determine when it is time to say good-bye to your sports bra?

“While the useful, supportive life of your sports bra depends on many factors, you know it's time to upgrade when:
• The fabric is losing its shape
• The bra is no longer offering the support it once did
• The fabric is pilling, especially under the arms
• The elastic is stretched out
• You have lost or gained a significant amount of weight”

My Favorite
My favorite sports bra is actually one that is a size too small. I buy Nike sports bras in fun colors and always buy a small (even though I’m a medium). This holds the girls extra tight. And then when I sweat and the fabric gives a little, I’m still getting a good amount of support. However, after doing this research, I think that I am going to buy the Nike Determination. I’m a Nike girl and this is right up my alley.

Naked stretchers, invest in a good bra! You’re just giving your boobs as much attention during a workout as the fellas give ‘em!


Carolann said...

Having tried many many bras, my favorite for my FF's-G's (ARGH!!!) is the Moving Comfort. IT has a good underwire bra underneath with very little elastic and then another layer over the top that acts like a shelf bra and keeps the ta-tas from bouncing and from going side to side. If I wear it with a top that has a shelf bra, life is perfect. There is a Champion racer back that I give honorable mention, except climbing into it is a challenge... definitely designed by a man who didn't think it through. But, the boobs stay put.

Correctamundo about the dryer. Since I spend a friggin' fortune on bras, their care is important. Forever Young is the prefered detergent, but I think it smells like old woman, so I've gone with the Woolite. And, I cheat by using the handwash cycle on my washer. Then I hang them up to dry.

So the next progress to be made for us big busted chicks are bras that fit and are smooth on the front. Used to be we could't find pretty bras. Now, I can't find one that doesn't show texture under my silk shirt.

Meg... I see a product opportunity.

Rikki Speck said...

I can say that my 30-H makes it extraordinarily difficult to find good bras. While searching for a bra for my wedding dress, I literally had a sales woman laugh in my face at the audicity of someone with a bust my size looking for a bra. But regardless, I was a HUGE fan of Nike bras bought a size too small to hold the girls in place and an additional bra over it to hold the spillage. That was until I went to a specialty boutique in North Park. I now can buy good bras (strapless, sexy, functional and sports bras) that fit. Granted they price from 50 - 150 bucks but since it's a boutique they do special things - like rework your bras that have stretched out - 3 times so they last longer.

Rachael said...

I think this is an awesome blog topic!! I've been on my own search for the perfect bra. I go between D and DD but love super high impact like kickboxing, dance, running, etc. It sucks not having the right bra because I too hate that jiggle! I just recently found one I love and thought I'd share it with you since I didn't see it on your choices. It's from Athleta: the Powerback Underwire Sports Bra by Champion. Never hurts to have more choices!

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