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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Waging a brutal war...against SUGAR!

My sugar addiction has reached an all-time high. I mean I’m a fitness professional for heaven’s sake! I know how to eat healthy. I do eat healthy. It’s just that darn white hussy in powdered form that I cannot, cannot, cannot say no to.

Sugar is poison in many ways and nothing that I need to be a slave to. So, quite simply I’m quitting the stuff. I’m going cold-turkey.

I am launching a 6-week war against sugar! I want you to join me, because I can’t do it alone. Here’s the plan, it’s simple really:

No dessert for 6 weeks. Period. I can eat fruit, honey, agave nectar (naturally occurring sugar), but cakes, cookies, brownies and candy are out.

If I can do it, I get to buy a new pair of Nike trainers (my other addiction).

There are some rules and parameters that I will outline in a minute, but this is the core of the plan. Skip the sugar. Get shoes! I like that.

The Steps:

1) Clear the Sugar clutter!
Ok, so first thing is first. I need to clear my house of desserts, treats and temptation. On Sunday night (tonight), I’m going to pack it all up in a box and send off to Ad Man’s office. Done. Out of sight, out of mind.

2) Plan for a Treat
In my plan, I’m allowing for TWO special occasions in which I am allowed to eat a dessert. These occasions would include birthdays for immediate family (self, hubby, kids), wedding anniversary, huge news (i.e., promotion.), etc. I’m going to allocate my two special occasions as Easter (March 31) and Ad Man’s Bday (April 13). If you set those in stone (and on the calendar), then you can plan for it. Look forward to it.

3) Reward myself weekly
At the end of each week, I will reward myself with something. Map out your own plan to fit you, but here is what I’m going to do:

Week 1 – Amazingly luxurious bath with some new fun bubble bath
Week 2 – Date night! Get a sitter and go out with hubby!!!
Week 3 – Girls’ Night Dinner!
Week 4 – Manicure
Week 5 – New workout outfit
Week 6 – New Nike trainers!!!

4) Equip yourself with alternates to sweet treats
I have several yummy non-sugar treats that should help curb my sweet tooth without breaking my resolve. Like my banana ice cream recipe. Click here for that. I’ll post a few others throughout the 6 weeks.

5) Motivational Quotes/Pictures
Whether it’s motivational quotes or a picture of a bikini posted on your refrigerator, motivation WILL be necessary. My friend Jill pulled a bunch of quotes and they are awesome. I will also share these throughout the 6 weeks.

Ok, so what are we talking here? What CAN we have?
So oodles of things have sugar in them. Naturally occurring sugar is not bad. It’s just the refined processed garbage that is! There are some things that pass the natural sugar rule:
  • Fruit
  • Flavored Greek yogurt
  • Healthy muffins (think oatmeal blueberry muffin)
  • Cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  • Natural sweeteners (Agave nectar, honey)
  • All-natural coffee creamers (in moderation)

And here is the no-no list.
No cake
No cookies
No brownies
No candy
No ice cream
No pie
No muffins topped with granules of sugar (ugh…I know they are SO yummy)
No chocolate
No chocolate croissants
No slushies
No milkshakes
No doughnuts
No pudding
No dessert
No popsicles. Fudgsicles or any other type of sicle.
No artificial sweeteners (no splenda, equal, etc.)

It is going to be hard. It will take resolve. It will take self-control. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

I hope to beat my sugar addiction and feel better. Cleaner. Healthier. And maybe I’ll lose 5 pounds in the process.

Are you up for the challenge??? Comment here and let me know you are on-board!! I’m going to give everyone who joins us an accountability partner! We are in this TOGETHER!!!!!

Join us!


monica said...

I gave up sweets for lent. I've been eating fruit.when I get a craving for.something sweet. so far so good and I've lost 10 lbs. a few more weeks won't hurt so ill join you on your 6 week challenge

The Internet Cooking Princess said...

I'm late - but I'm in!